FROSTCRUISE: In-Transit RefrigerationGetting the cold chain under control with an eco-friendly, low-noise, low-maintenance in-transit cryogenic refrigeration solution

A FROSTCRUISE branded LINDE In-Transit Refrigeration Truck using Liquid Nitrogen (LIN)

We developed our FROSTCRUISE® indirect cryogenic refrigeration system to meet the technical, cost and environmental pressures facing the trucking industry today. FROSTCRUISE is an efficient, economical, cryogenic replacement for mechanical, diesel-powered refrigeration units. Not only do mechanical units have a high carbon footprint due to diesel consumption, they are also relatively noisy, expensive to maintain and reliant on potentially harmful refrigerants.

FROSTCRUISE overcomes these environmental challenges by using liquid nitrogen (LIN) as the refrigerant. The LIN is stored at a temperature of -196°C in an insulated on-board tank. It is piped through a heat exchanger with a large surface area to release its cooling power. This causes the liquid nitrogen to evaporate and high-velocity fans circulate the cold air around the truck’s container.

Highlights at a Glance
• Rapid cooling power with extremely stable temperature control 
• Reduced carbon footprint through diesel savings
• Elimination of hazardous refrigerants (e. g. R404A)
• Low-noise design for easy deliveries at night time or to residential areas
• Longer service life compared with mechanical solutions
• Cost efficiencies due to ease of service and maintenance
• Reduced downtime – moving parts down to a single fan
• Image-building potential through active support for more sustainable transport options.

Diagram illustrating the FROSTCRUISE cryogenic in-transit refrigeration system

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