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We have developed a technologically advanced range of lightweight, high-volume cylinders to meet the portability needs of mobile and low-volume gas users.

The GENIE® cylinder family is a landmark departure from the steel cylinders you would have typically used in the past. It incorporates impressive new usability features such as built-in digital intelligence, gas identification rings, easy-grip handles and an unprecedented range of accessories. These include a detachable wheelbase, telescopic handles, an adjustable height stand and stacking adaptor – all designed to improve your overall experience. 

GENIE cylinders come in two sizes with a working pressure of 300-bar. Not only do these cylinders weigh less than conventional 200-bar steel cylinders, they also hold about 30 percent more gas.

This new range is suited to argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, helium, nitrogen and various shielding gases.

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