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Video wall on building highlighting TFT-LCD technology
The manufacture of display flat panels calls for huge quantities of ultra-pure gases. As demand is spiralling given the dynamic pace of growth in this sector, manufacturers want the reliability and flexibility of a gases partner that can deliver locally but has the backing of a global supply chain. It is also a highly competitive sector, which means that fabs need to keep a tight rein on costs. And as with all sectors of the electronics industry, pressure to minimise or – even better – eliminate greenhouse gases, especially those used in chamber cleaning, is rising.

Global Reach

As a global supplier of the display flat panel industry, we have dedicated process gas production facilities in China, Korea and Taiwan and a bulk gas support infrastructure throughout Asia. In addition to the full range of gases required to manufacture display flat panels in all package sizes, we deliver unique value-added technical solutions and turnkey projects to help customers meet their environmental and cost targets. These include fluorine systems to replace nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) in chamber cleaning, which is problematic due to its high global warming potential. Our offering includes:

  • Cost effective bulk gas supply including large scale on-site SPECTRA-N™ high-purity nitrogen generators

  • Dedicated comprehensive electronics special gases portfolio and global supply chains for the display industry

  • New nitrous oxide (N2O) plants in China, Taiwan and Korea to support the next generation of display technology

  • On-site Generation-F® fluorine systems for chamber cleaning and lower manufacturing carbon footprints.

Building on our position as the leading gas supplier to the Chinese electronics market, and capitalising on the growth of the display industry in China, we have become the leading supplier of bulk and electronic special gases to China’s flat panel display industry.

We have been awarded major bulk gas supply contracts by the three largest display manufacturers in China for their Gen 8.5 facilities to increase the cost effectiveness and environmental efficiency of their display manufacturing processes.we are executing on-site and bulk gas projects for the first two Gen 8 TFT-LCD fabs in China.

These turnkey projects include the full gas infrastructure and supply of the actual gases. Benchmark projects such as these demonstrate our commitment to enabling growth in the rapidly expanding displays market through best-in-class gas technologies and innovations.

To support innovation in the display sector, we have also established two new high-purity nitrous oxide (N2O) gas facilities in Taiwan and Korea and newly acquired a third plant in China. The aim of this major investment is to accelerate the adoption of metal oxide transistors by display manufacturers which will enable the cost-effective development of next-generation ultra high definition (UHD) 3D TFT-LCD and OLED displays.

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